Try Attachment Parenting For A Better Bond

Attachment Parenting For A Better Relationship

Attachment parenting is all about the attachment of a parent with their child. It is not about being a mom, but about the parent-child relationship. Also, it is about being flexible about the relationship with the child and parenting your children. It is a bond between the parent and the child, which is built with closeness and through touch. It is all about nurturing the connection of parents with their child. Attachment parenting comes naturally to a parent. It can also be called natural parenting. Warm, sensitive parenting is very important for a child to grow beautifully. Attachment parenting is the right choice for Child’s growth, both mentally and physically.

Principles Of Attachment parenting

  • Prepare parents for pregnancy, birth, and parenting after birth. It emphasizes on eliminating negative thoughts about parenthood.
  • Feeding the child with the utmost love and respect. Breastfeeding a child is the ideal way of establishing attachment. It also makes the infants feel secure and that his parents are there with him forever.
  • Parents must respond to their child with love and sensitivity. Kids while growing pass through different stages. Tantrums, change in emotions, adamant, are a few issues while growing. Parents must consider their feelings and respond in their situation with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Tips Of Attachment Parenting

  • Increase the use of nurturing touch. Parents must try and establish maximum skin-to-skin contact with their kids.
  • Engage in nighttime parenting. Parents must make some co-sleeping arrangement with their child. This way, parents can feed and emotionally sooth the infant at nighttime.
  • Provide constant love and care.  Parents must try and spend as much time with their kids, which is possible. They must include children for night outs, walks, picnic and work also.
  • Parents must practice positive discipline with their kids. They must start the practice from an early age and guide even the youngest of babies. They must communicate the child’s negative behavior with them and work on it together.
  • Parents must try and bring equilibrium in personal and family life. They must create a supportive network and inculcate healthy lifestyle in kids.

Criticisms Of Attachment Parenting

  • Bed sharing and SIDS- SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is a fear, which arises when an infant shares the bed with his/her parents.
  • A change in attachment with experience- as the kids grow their intimate attachments is affected by their school life, love life, and peer pressure.
  • Multiple caregivers- if both the parents are working, then the kids have outsiders to give care and love. This may affect attachment parenting effects.
  • Attachment parenting sometimes results in overstressed parents and dependent children.


There are different styles of parenting, and attachment parenting is one of them. It is entirely on parents, how a child grows and what he becomes in the future. Not all types of parenting are perfect. A particular style suits some parents, and some methods do not suit them. Parenting is a long and tedious task. It keeps parents on their toes and is highly demanding. Therefore parents must adopt a style to enhance their child’s characteristics. This will help and prepare them for the future.

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