Top 8 Office Maternity Wear You Must Have - Top 8 Office Maternity Wear You Must Have -

Top 8 Office Maternity Wear You Must Have

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If dragging your pregnant self to the office daily is hard enough, picking the right office maternity wear can be even harder. However, it was never off-limits for moms to still wear office clothing that are chic. Below are some of the options you can wear to look cute and professional at the same time.

A Cardigan

Cardigans are considered one of the essentials so don’t forget about them. You can try this technique: Select your favorite pregnancy cardigan then wear it open to drape around your belly. It can shield you from the AC blast in your office without drowning you in excessive clothing. Choose the one that is tailor-made to soothe your skin well.

A Structured Blazer

Want to get that “bossy” look? Then go for structured blazers. You can even pair it with dresses and jeans to instantly give you that “workmode” mood throughout the day. Seraphine’s ponte fabric is the best choice for maternity wear since it’s perfect in providing additional stretches.

A Pencil Skirt

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When it comes to being classic, nothing beats pencil skirts. The skirts made by Rosie Pope can be your best choice because they are carefully tailored to fit on your belly while still keeping you office-chic. Add one to your wardrobe now!

Black Maternity Pants

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This pair of black pants is for every soon-to-be mother out there. Black pants are known to be the most adaptable clothing because they can go with almost anything. Moreover, black tends to be more preferrable by majority of people, since they can go with your favorite pair of shoes. If you’re bold enough, pair them with heels to make your legs look longer.

Dark Wash Jeans

Wear maternity clothes in a whole new level with this stylish pair of black jeans. The dark tone makes it more inviting to look corporate and professional. Moreover, its silhouette is more work-appropriate and has the ability to cover your belly. Grab this with a pair of jeans to look more versatile.

A Little Black Dress

Picking the right dress during your pregnancy days can sometimes prove difficult. However, you can just go for a simple black dress by Of Mercer. They are designed to fit every corporate setting, from working in the office, to eating with your clients. Thanks to its stretchy fabric, this dress can provide a flattering look without being flashy.

A Flowy Blouse

This is must-have clothing for every soon-to-be mother out there. It is made to be practical and versatile at the same time, so that you can carry through your entire pregnancy period. Just wear it with blazer or slacks for a more professional look.

A Button-Down Shirt

White blouses can also be a mother’s professional work clothing. The reason behind this is that these clothes can transform into smart business attires in a jiffy. The best choice for your wardrobe is to have something that it crisp and buttoned-down. Lastly, try to pair it with a cardigan or structured bag, to enhance your look even more.

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