Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties -

Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties

Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties

It is not very difficult for a single mother to take care of a child alone if she believes in herself. A single mother has to raise a child alone without anyone’s support. The parenting duties of a single mother are the same as that of a married mom.  If a woman trusts herself, she can quickly raise her child alone. A single mother needs to balance her work and personal life equally. She too can be happy with her life, with her kids and her work life. However, she has to find out who she is and has to be that person. She has a reason to live, and that is her kid.

Some Statistics About Single Moms

Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties
Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties
  • There are almost 80% of a single mother in the US.
  • 45% of these single mothers get their Childs support
  • 13% of the single mothers are dependent on food banks for support
  • Almost 31% of the single mothers spend their salary on their house that is paying loans, bills, etc.
  • Almost there are 2 million single mothers who raise their children on their own.

Difficulties Of A Single Mother

  1. Financial problems– a lot of single mothers faces this problem of the financial crisis. If her husband or family has supported her financially, then it is good. If not, it is very difficult for her to meet her child`s expectations and to live her life. Lack of money causes stress, depression, and anxiety.
  2. Challenges she faces in her work life– It has been seen that many working women have to work for spare hours to have enough money for herself and her child. They do not have any extra time to live their own life. It is all about survival on the whole.
  3. A lot of extra responsibility– Many single mothers is guilty of their decision of being a single parent. She keeps blaming herself for her decision. She is burdened with additional responsibilities of her kids, their studies, their living on the whole. It is hard to live her life.
  4. Emotional problems– there are many emotional challenges one face when she decides to be a single mother. There is no one to share her responsibilities, no one to help her emotionally and be there by her side. It is challenging for her to balance her personal and professional life.
  5. Lack of Self-care– A single parent is so engrossed in looking at her child that she forgets to take care of herself. She gives all her time to her kids so that her kid does not feel neglected.
Single Mother Challenges And Difficulties


A single mother has a lot of responsibilities to deal with. Raising a child without a partner can be made easy. If the mother takes good care of herself, then only she can take care of her child too. She should give proper time to her kids also. She that her kid does not feel neglected. Give the child proper love and care, both like a father and a mother. Set a routine for the kids. Set proper limitations for your child. Things the child is allowed to do and things the child is not permitted to do. Then only one can be successful in being a single mother.

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