Sacred Parenting – How To Communicate With Your Child

Sacred Parenting

Sacred Parenting is the practice of communicating with your child without the use of words. It is the process of communicating with your child in a manner that is not manipulative and that is not designed to hurt your child or take advantage of them. There is a difference between being able to communicate effectively and being able to do so in a way that will help you raise your child.

Be There For Your Child And Be Honest

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The first way that you can communicate with your child is to be present. Children will not listen to you if you are not present. You need to make it a point to be present with your child when you are doing things together. This means that when you are reading your child a story or doing something together, you need to be able to be present.

Another way to communicate effectively with your child is to be honest. If you are not honest and open with your child, you will only be discouraging them from listening to you.

One important point of Sacred Parenting is that communication is not always easy. You may have to tell them to get off the computer or you may have to use some sort of punishment to get them to stop acting out. However, as a parent you should always be honest and consistent and make your child understand what they need to do.

Talk To Them In A Compassionate And Loving Tone

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When you are having a communication with your child, you should use a tone that is compassionate. You should not sound like you are trying to manipulate your child or trying to tell them what they have to do.

Another key to effective communication is to use the language of love. You want to talk to your child about their problems in the same language that you use when you are talking to your friends or family.

Effective communication with your child does not have to be difficult or expensive. You need to make it a point to be consistent and you need to be honest and loving with your child. Sacred Parenting is the process of building a strong and loving relationship with your child.

Teach Them To Solve Their Own Problem

Another thing that Sacred Parenting is about is helping your child to solve his or her own problems. This is because children are in such a vulnerable position when it comes to dealing with their own problems. Children can be hurt by the problems of their parents and they can be hurt by the problems of other people.

Children often become resentful and they will want to rebel when their parents act unkind or harsh. This can lead to bad behavior from the children.

When you are a parent, you need to learn to help your child to resolve his or her own problems. Your child needs to feel like you have love and that you are there for them no matter what.

You also need to let your child know that you love them. You need to be honest and to be loving. Sacred Parenting is about making your child feel heard.

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