Child Playpen Fun Play Area


It allows your child to have a safe play area as you do some household chores
It is an enclosed material which is very child-friendly and convenient to use
You can easily assemble it without any hassle
Material: Stainless Steel Tube, Oxford Cloth / Weight: 3kg
Package Variants:
Rectangular (Blue/Red): Height (bottom to ball ring): 107cm / Ball pit: 190cm x 129 x 66cm / End to end (ball pit): 235cm
Square (Blue/Red): Height (bottom to ball ring): 107cm / Ball pit: 128cm x 128 x 66cm


Child Playpen Fun Play Area

This Child Playpen is a nice and fun play area for children. Similarly, you can put some toys inside the material and allow your child to play with them. In addition, it would be practical to have a playpen if your child is starting to roll around and practice standing or walking. You can place a soft play mat on the floor to cover the hard ground. If you have this material at home, you are allowing your child to have his own personal space. He can move around freely all day long. At the same time, you will feel at ease that your child is safe and happy. He will enjoy playing inside the playpen. Other than that, your child can have a wide space for enhancing his motor skills as he moves and grabs his toys.

Keeping Your Child Safe

With this functional material, you can keep your child safe if you are doing some household chores at home. You can let your child enjoy rolling and playing while you are doing some tasks. But, always remember that you have to frequently look out for your child while he is having fun on the playpen. This material is composed of a good quality stainless steel tube and a thick oxford mesh. It also has a basketball hoop and football basket which can let toddlers play. The materials are child-friendly and it also has a storage pocket. You will also notice that there is a small door. You can unzip it if you want to get your child.

Fun Learning Inside A Playpen

This is a very useful material because it offers extreme convenience for parents and children. A parent can finish a lot of tasks at home while her child can develop his physical, mental, and emotional skills through play. The child can start exploring as he sees different kinds of materials that he can use to play inside the playpen.


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