Montessori Education Pattern

Montessori Education Pattern

The Montessori education pattern was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early years of 1900. This method is more child-centered and involves a lot of activities led by the children. This method of teaching can be done in a classroom with children of various ages to encourage independence.

Benefits of Montessori Education Pattern

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It is believed that this type of education pattern benefits children better as they are given an option of choosing what they want to learn. Children get an option of choosing various activities they want to perform in a day. The teachers move from one group to another to monitor what the child has done, instead of standing in front of the class. This makes the children open and friendlier to their teachers. This concept of study focuses more on the social, intellectual, emotional and physical betterment of the child. It is a non-traditional education pattern. 

Emphasis on hands-on independent learning

In this style of learning, more emphasis is given on hands-on learning. There is lots of natural light and plenty of free space in such classrooms. The main idea is to create a friendly and beautiful atmosphere where children are interested in learning. There are multiple teaching aids that generate interests in the pupils. The materials help the children develop their vocabularies. The children get to learn, work or grow at their own pace. There is no strictness and no competition. It gives a feeling of a giant playroom workshop.

Enhanced social interaction

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Unlike regular schools, where children are discouraged from interacting with each other during class, in this method, the teacher encourages the students to interact with other children and get inspired by what their peers are doing. 

Independence is of Primary Importance

You develop a sense of creative freedom and confidence. A Montessori background helps to develop entrepreneurial skills in children. The learning process is self-directed and children gain a sense of independence and confidence in their capabilities. They also learn to think independently.

Cultivate a Love for Learning

There have been many examples where some students have disliked the traditional pattern of rote learning or strict teaching patterns in schools. This pattern of education instils a love for learning. Children remain curious about the other children and are eager to learn more about what is happening around them. They do not sit in a classroom without any interest waiting for the school bell to ring, instead, they enjoy their classroom and the working hours. This benefits remains with the children throughout their lives and they develop a keen desire to grow and learn more. This helps them in their future jobs and career.

Best for Children with Special Needs

The Montessori education pattern is also beneficial for children with special needs as well. It helps them grow and become independent in life. 

These are some of the exclusive benefits of a Montessori Education pattern. If you are looking for a preschool for  your toddler, see if you can find such a school in your vicinity.

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