Learn About Different Parenting Styles To Use


Handling kids is not an easy task. For working parents, other responsibilities also add up. Therefore, it further complicates parenting. But one thing should be kept in mind, and the parenting styles decides the future of the kids. So, it is essential to be strict yet lenient. Always think what’s better for the kids, both academically and physically. It is also necessary to have a set of strict rules in the house. The parenting styles decides the character of the kid as an adult.

Parenting Styles: Uninvolved

Just like the name, the parents are not sufficiently involved. Therefore, the kids lack proper guidance, attention, and nurturing. This kind of parenting has poor discipline. So, there are rare chances of any rules and regulations.

Parenting Styles Of Different Types

Moreover, these kids are self-raised. However, ignorance is not always intentional. Sometimes, factors like mental health and abusive nature are the main reason. Furthermore, this kind of nature is also due to stress caused by work or house related chores. The kids with this kind of parents are usually with low self-confidence. And they suffer from anxiety, depression, and bad performance in school also.

Parenting Styles: Permissive

Permissive parenting is more about being a friend rather than a parent. This kind of parents does not implement strict rules. Moreover, the rules for kids are also quite lenient. This might sound great at first. But in the long term, the kids suffer from issues like bad behavior. And this is because of the forgiving nature of the parent. Accepting every demand and tantrum of the kid is not a correct way of parenting. And it makes the kid both physically and behaviorally. Because these kids lack essential good habits due to the lenient nature of parents.

Parenting Styles: Authoritative

This kind of parenting involves a mutual relationship between kids and parents. But parents still have the dominant role in this relationship. Such parents also allow the kid to give suggestions and opinions. However, the decision is always for the betterment of the kid only. In this relationship, every single matter of kids is taken care of properly. And there are some basic yet strict rules to follow for the kids. This helps the kids to transform into a responsible adult with good behavior. Therefore, such kids live a happy and prosperous life with discipline.

Parenting Styles Of Different Types
Parenting Styles Of Different Types

Parenting Styles: Authoritarian

This is the most strict and disciplined type of parenting. There is no denial of rules in this type. The kids are forced to follow the rules without declining. Such kids lack decision-making abilities. And that too because of the parents taking every decision for them. The level of obedience and discipline is very strict. Because of continuous pressuring, aggression develops in such kids. Therefore, there are major behavioral and psychological issues with such kids. The main focus of such parents is to make the kids feel guilty and self-conscious all the time.


It is not always necessary to have a particular parenting style. The style of handling kids is different in every family. It is entirely natural to switch between the four different types of parenting style. However, the authoritative type is generally considered the best one. Furthermore, the parents know the best, what is good for the kid and what is wrong.