Important Things To Eat During Pregnancy- Pregnant Mom Guide

Important Things to Eat During Pregnancy- Pregnant Mom Guide

Eating healthy can be hard for the expecting mother and pregnancy is no exception. As a pregnancy mom, you want everything to be perfect but there is still plenty of work to be done. You may be so busy dealing with the pressure of being pregnant that you don’t think about what you should eat while pregnant. Pregnancy, like all things in life, needs a little help from the pregnant mom, and food becomes a “burden” rather than a reward.

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Important Things To Eat During Pregnancy- Pregnant Mom Guide

Pregnant Mom Food

So what are some foods to eat during pregnancy? First off, it is important to get the basics down, just two meals per day (the more nutrients you have, the more you need to eat), five to six small portions of food at each meal and eating light. When choosing foods to eat it is important to make sure you are eating whole foods that are high in nutritional value. You should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but make sure they are raw as they can add to your weight gain. Some foods to eat during pregnancy are:


Bananas have a long history of use for health reasons. Some people believe they are good for a pregnant mom as well, due to their high potassium levels. When eating bananas, it is best to not eat them plain or to eat them in their sliced form, which is the most nutritious.

Organic Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes are the most nutritious tomatoes out there and they are also low in calories. Try to have a half cup of tomato slices at every meal and it will help to trim some of your pregnancy weight.


Apples are incredibly sweet, especially the skin. Make sure you are eating the apples and just cut them up instead of eating the whole apple, which is high in sugar.


Just slice them up and eat as a healthy snack, even if you are pregnant. You can enjoy a nice, healthy snack with them, or even buy a baking dish, make some tasty onion soups and serve it at your next dinner party.

Non-fat Yogurt

Non-fat yogurt has tons of vitamins and you can also add lots of protein to your diet as well. Just remember to stick to a low-fat formula as much as possible, though.


It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Make sure you are eating plenty of fresh turkeys and not canned turkey meat, which is full of sodium. It is also good to keep in mind that many canned types of meat are loaded with preservatives and that can lead to all sorts of issues during pregnancy, not the least of which is high blood pressure.

Meat Substitutes – With all the special diets and other health concerns these days, this is one food that is easy to avoid. Find some great meat substitutes that are organic, that contain good fats and protein and use them instead of animal meat and fish.

Fresh Fruits For Pregnant Mom

You can enjoy a full glass of water, have some protein and fruit each day, and be fine. You might have to think a little more carefully about what fruits to eat, but you can get all the fruit you need through fresh fruits. Frozen fruits should be used sparingly and when eating fruits it is best to eat those in the shade or in a glass and nibble on them.

Green Leafy Vegetables –

No, green vegetables do not cause miscarriage, but they can help to make the morning sickness more bearable. Choose organic green vegetables, as they are often lower in calories and they are full of many vitamins. Nuts and seeds are also wonderful and very filling, but try to keep them to one serving per meal and to eat them in moderation.

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Important Things To Eat During Pregnancy- Pregnant Mom Guide

The Takeaway – Pregnant Mom Care

If you haven’t started, now is the time. Work on making healthy choices of foods to eat during pregnancy by making a few changes in your daily routine.