How to Find the Right Sports Clothes for Your Pregnancy -

How to Find the Right Sports Clothes for Your Pregnancy

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Most mothers are already prepping for the arrival of their baby – that’s a given. But some moms don’t realize that there are loads of maternity wear options out there that they can use to show off their bump without anyone else knowing! You can look absolutely gorgeous and not have to worry about anyone seeing your mid-section, because you’re wearing something that doesn’t show off your tummy at all. And don’t worry about revealing too much – even maternity tops that aren’t A-line come in a variety of styles and cuts so no matter what shape your body is in, you’ll be able to find something cute and stylish to wear. Here are some of the top picks when it comes to maternity athletic wear.

Yoga Pants

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The best thing about yoga pants for moms is the fact that they are so comfortable. Many of them offer adjustable straps that allow you to tighten or loosen as your belly expands or shrinks throughout your pregnancy. Many pairs also have roomy pockets at the waist and back for extra storage. They are often stretchy enough that they aren’t going to feel too constricting once your belly gets bigger, and are usually made of cotton or spandex for easy movement.

Maternity Tank tops 

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These fall into the maternity athletic wear category are all about being light and airy, and they usually include a few pockets and straps for added versatility. Tank tops are a great option because they can be worn as a compression bra, and many designs include an attractive multi-part stretchy legging that goes right over the tank. If you prefer a more conventional tank, you can choose from a wide selection of designer tanks with beautiful beaded straps and colorful patterns, or even one of the classic silk tank tops that you can always throw on over your workout outfit. Maternity tank tops are also very easy to care for – just wash them with a mild detergent in a gentle cycle and you’ll have a soft, lovely looking tank that you can wear during the months you’re not pregnant. If you do choose to get maternity tank tops, here are some tips for how to take care of yours:

Hang up your shirts. Unlike pre-pregnancy clothes, you won’t be able to take them off once you’re pregnant, so you’ll want to keep your shirts up all the time. In addition, they’re going to be much heavier than the cotton tops you can typically wear, so you should invest in a few sturdy shoulder straps to ensure that your arms and shoulders aren’t going to be trapped in them. And don’t worry about stretch marks – if you exercise regularly and follow a variety of workout routines, they will eventually fade away. Just be sure to wash your maternity tops often, as the fabric is still very delicate. In addition, if you’re planning a big event where you’ll need an extra tank, try to find a maternity tank top with elastic in the cuffs to allow for easy access.

Buy Maternity Sports Shorts

Most sporting goods stores carry a good selection of basic maternity sports shorts in a variety of styles and colors, including knee-high, low-rise, and crew cuts. Depending on what sport you’re involved in, you may need to invest in a pair of sports shorts specifically made for that activity. These can either be bought as regular shorts, or in a neoprene version that wraps around the waist. Again, be sure to wash them regularly, and to look for sports-specific features like Velcro straps, extra cargo pockets, or reflective detailing.

Buy Maternity Running Pants

Like most pairs of jeans, maternity running pants are generally only available in black, tan, or other neutral colors. However, if you’re involved in lots of activities during the summer months, you might consider mixing it up a bit by wearing these colors with a short-sleeved top or with a long-sleeved top. Again, be sure to wash these regularly, as the fabric is still quite delicate.

Buy Maternity Leggings

 Similar to running pants, leggings can also be mixed and matched with regular pants, especially if you’re planning on more active sports. The great thing about maternity leggings is that they’re much more comfortable than the thong you might find in public sports facilities. They’re not meant to be a one-piece, so don’t expect to sprint around the gym wearing these babies!


Finally, while sweatpants are typically reserved for athletes and serious physical activity, you can wear them as a comfortable fall outfit if you’re going out on a nice, fall day. Maternity sweatpants come in a variety of styles, including straight, baggy, and boot cut styles. Pick a color that won’t clash with your sports gear, and make sure to wash these frequently to make them soft and comfortable again in the spring.

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