How To Breastfeed A New Born Baby


How to breastfeed? This is the most common dilemma of a first-time mother. Just like pregnancy, breastfeeding is also a whole new experience. And for the first time mothers, the difficulty level is even higher. In that case, some tips from an expert and practice help the mother. Instead of listening to useless advice, give yourself and the baby enough time. With time, the question of how to breastfeed changes into the bonding time between the mother and the baby. The feeding time is particular as it strengthens the bond between the mother and the baby.

How To Breastfeed A New Born Baby
How To Breastfeed A New Born Baby

Types Of Milk With Respect To Time

In initial days, a thick and yellow colored fluid comes out from the breasts. This is called colostrum. And it is rich in essential nutrients and antibodies. Therefore, the initial immunity and health of the baby develop from it. However, the chances of secretion of this fluid during pregnancy are also standard. After colostrum, the glands produce first transitional milk then mature milk. These are richer in fats but thinner in consistency than colostrum.

Normal Duration Of Feeding

It is often said that a regular feed lasts for about half an hour. However, the duration entirely depends on the baby. Never try to force-feed the baby. Also, never keep on switching the breasts. Try to drain a single one first. And when the baby is full, he/she will signal by themselves.

Frequency Of Breastfeeding

Just like the duration, the frequency of feeding also depends on the baby. Usually, an infant needs milk every 2 or 3 hours, day and night. But the mother should not worry. Because with time, the frequency and intervals increase. However, the feeding pattern of every child is unique. There is no thumb rule for feeding. Moreover, the babies who feed on breastmilk are more likely to get hungry faster. Because formula milk takes more time to digest than mother’s milk.

Hints Of Baby Being Hungry

The babies give signals whenever they are hungry. However, don’t wait for the young one to cry furiously. Because this will only make the baby irritable. Just look out for the little hints or signals from baby. In such cases, the baby starts to suck ok things like hands, fingers, etc. Even the crying is also high pitched and short-termed.

Positions For Feeding

How To Breastfeed A New Born Baby

It is not essential to feed the baby while sitting only. As both the mother and the baby need to be equally comfortable. In the initial days, the daily feeding times are numerous. Therefore, continuous feeding while sitting will result in back pain also. So, it is advisable to try side-lying or laid-back positions. This way, the mother can rest while the baby will feed efficiently.


Breastfeeding is painful, but that is common for all. Just give yourself enough time to adapt. But if the problem continues, consult a lactation consultant. The consultant will be able to answer the question of how to breastfeed. However, there is no need to panic. Complications like low milk production, improper pumping, or discomfort are normal. Just keep the mind calm and body relaxed. And let your body and the baby to get used to each other.