Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent

Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent

When talking about child discipline, we sometimes speak about child-rearing without the use of concrete rules. This is a practical and conventional approach to parenting, but it can be awkward, especially when one parent doesn’t understand how his or her emotions are affecting the other. It is tough to use your rules as an ice breaker. There is no silver bullet for child discipline; it is a process of learning and adjusting.

Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent
Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent

Being A Good Parent To Your Child: Child Discipline

First of all, no matter how many times you’ve read about it, you need to acknowledge that the parent and the child are two different people. Your children will only be in your life for as long as you want them to be. If you are disappointed or angry with them, the ability to communicate freely with them will be limited. While you need to set rules for your children, you also need to be a loving and caring parent.

Never Try To Convince Your Child That You Are Better Than Them

One thing that we often forget is that the parent is the parent. Don’t do anything in your efforts to the parent that will give them the impression that you are “more important” than you are. That is just not the case. Parents have a choice and can define their roles in the lives of their children. You have to find your voice and take control of your life.
Every parent does have some power over their children, but not enough power to act like a tyrant. We spend so much time trying to convince our children that we are better than them, and we need to be careful that we don’t try to break their hearts in the process. If you can get along with your children without being disagreeable, you will do a much better job of Parenting them.

Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent
Child Discipline: How To Be A Good Parent

Try To Avoid Your Child From Having The Last Word

Prove yourself enough to be able to raise your children to be happy, then you are probably not going to be able to provide the type of life they need to thrive.

Be Consistent When It Comes To Child Discipline

So we see that the hard part is in finding your voice and being able to keep it. It is not easy to discipline children, but if you want your kids to stay out of trouble, you are going to have to be consistent. The same goes for the disciplining you do to them. Your children have to feel in control and your control.

Communicate With Your Children: Child Discipline

We’ve seen that child discipline is about you and how you communicate with your children. If you can become good at that, then you will be successful in raising good children.

Don’s Always Give Them What They Want: Child Discipline

First, don’t give your children nice things. Any time you provide them with something for a birthday or an accomplishment, or anything that you feel like is “cool and nice,” you are only drawing attention to yourself. Your kids won’t be able to concentrate on you if they think that you are playing games with them.

Think Before You Do Anything

Another tip is to say what you think. No, this doesn’t mean that you can’t challenge your children about something, or you can’t raise your voice. It means that if you have a question, challenge, or fear that comes up, rather than pretend that you don’t have any idea what the answer is.
If you are afraid that your children will become a little violent, or a bit obsessed with sports, or reading about cars and bikes, you can acknowledge that it is going to happen. Tell them how they will probably feel about it later and tell them about how that doesn’t bother you.


Good child discipline doesn’t have to involve rules and rigid approaches. You can be kind and understanding without going overboard. And if you make it a habit to talk to your children, instead of telling them about the “rules” you have created, you will find that your child will learn more in a lot less time.