Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents -

Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents

Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents

Child discipline is an essential part of life. To live a good life, the child should follow a disciplined life. Parents should set some rules and regulations that the child has to follow. To live a life in a better way, rules and regulations are very important for the child’s growth. It should be developed in the right way at the right time. Set of rules are used to prevent the child from doing bad behavior.

Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents
Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents

Parenting Tips For Child Discipline

Show the child the right and wrong ways to do things– explain the right and wrong way to behave, to do things but with politeness. Be very calm with the child. Always remember for the child his parents are the role models. So act accordingly in front of your child.

Set proper limits for your child– explain the set rules to your child adequately. Make them understand the rules and act accordingly.

Make them understand the pros and cons of a wrong behavior- make the child understand the consequences of ethical conduct and bad behavior. Let the child understand that if he\she does wrong, they can also be punished. Set punishments from which your child learns. Do not let the child fear the consequences of punishment.

Hearing Your Child

Hear what your child wants to say– always give time to your child. Hear him out. Understand what he wants to say. Let the child complete whatever he wants to say. Then tell them right or wrong.  A parent needs to understand the pattern of behavior the child is developing day by day. If it is negative, explain to him that’s it’s wrong.

The child needs proper care and attention– the child demands attention. Adequate notice is one of the essential tools to get closer to the child.

Praise the child if he does good– every child needs praises. Always try and praise the child for helping others, doing well or behaving correctly. When the parent praises, the child he\she understands that it’s good behavior. Then the child can easily differentiate between good and bad behavior.

 Techniques Of Child Discipline

Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents
Child Discipline And The Role Of Parents
  1. Positive Discipline Technique– it means the parent should always encourage the child and praise him for doing well. Parents teach their child various skills to solve their problems.
  2. Gentle Discipline Technique– directions given by the parent to the child to help the child stay away from bad behavior. Parents too should learn to manage their behavior while dealing with the misbehavior of the child.
  3. Setting Boundaries Technique– the parents often set specific limits for the behavior of the child. The child knows about the consequences of behaving good as well as bad.
  4. Behavior Consequences– the child should know that he\she will be rewarded for behaving properly. And will be surely punished for doing something terrible. When the child is praised for doing well, he will behave in a right way.


The child should learn to behave in a disciplined way from the very beginning. From the initial stages of a child’s growth, the child should learn to follow a set of rules and regulations. He should very well know the difference between good and bad behavior. Child discipline is very constructive in a child’s mental and behavioral growth.

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