Child Development: The Crucial Role Of Parents


Child development is the physical, speech, and emotional changes that happen in childhood. Moreover, child development is determined by genetic factors and actions during parental life. It can be actively improved by some right home practice and healing techniques. However, growth in the wrong environment increases the risk of delay of one or more areas like learning and language.

Importance Of Child Development

Child Development: Crucial Role Of Parents
Child Development: Crucial Role Of Parents

Recognizing and following a child development’s is an essential tool to check that children meet their developmental milestones. Moreover, this milestone acts as a necessary direction for perfect development. Examining these milestones can be helpful in the early discovery of any challenges in development. Also, detecting these challenges at an early stage helps in reducing the impact of difficulties on a child’s skill development and confidence.

Moreover, it is essential to know that the development of the child has expected series. All children are different in their development and time frame. Therefore, they meet the basic development milestones in different periods.

How Child Development Happens

In initial years, a child’s most important method of learning and development is through playing. And playing is fun and gives the child a chance to discover, observe, solve problems, and also understand from his own mistakes. A child needs guidance and assistance to do this. However, it is essential to find stability between helping and letting him try on his own. Time spent while playing, talking, listening, and interacting helps understand the intelligence needed in life.

Healthy Development

Another thing that helps in developing a child includes healthy eating and physical activities. Also, healthy food provides all the necessary nutrients required for development and growth. Being physically fit helps the child to learn motor skills and helps him recognize that he has given a chance to discover.

Child Development: Crucial Role Of Parents
Child Development: Crucial Role Of Parents

Factors That Affect The Growth And Development

  • Physical development- Physical development means height, weight, development of muscles, and also bones. Below mentioned factors affect the development of the child.
  • Genetics – Physical characteristics are genetic. They come from genes. If a child carries the main gene related to height, he/ she may accomplish it.
  • Nutrition and environment- Body of a child needs a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and also minerals for being physically developed. Calcium is essential in developing bones. Moreover, contact with pollutants like lead, manganese, and mercury for a long time can worsen the child’s development and causes physical abnormalities.

Other Factors That Affect The Growth And Development

Mental and cognitive development- It mainly includes the development of the brain, neurological process, intellectual abilities, and learning abilities. Following factors affect mental and cognitive development:

  • Nutrition and environment- Insufficient nutrition affect mental development. For example, a lack of iron can cause mental abnormality. Furthermore, pollutants like lead and manganese cause the defective function of the brain.
  • Emotional and social development- Child development also includes understanding, expressing, and managing emotions, whereas social development means the behavior of the child with others. Both of these factors affect development and growth.
  • Parenting and culture- Unkind parenting practices like shouting, punishing, and or even shaming makes child either indifferent or oversensitive. On the other hand, loving and caring parents make the child an emotionally mature person.


It is a process of growth of a child to teenage. The starting years of child life are essential for developing cognitive, social, and also emotional development. Moreover, the event of a child happens in changeable transformations. Factor like physical development, mental development, emotional, and even social development are essential in developing a child.