Child Development Stages And Challenges -

Child Development Stages And Challenges

Child Development Stages And Challenges

Child development is the biological, physical, and mental development through which a child undergoes. Although the process of evolution is a continuous one, yet the course may be different for each child. Child development can strongly be influenced by numerous factors like genetic inheritance, health condition, diet, environmental influence, etc. This development starts right from birth to adolescence till fully grown adult. Child development can be explained as developmental psychology, which refers to the progress of a child throughout a lifespan. It is also medically studied as pediatrics, which is medicinal branch dealing with childcare.

The Different Stages Of Child Development

Child Development Stages And Challenges
Child Development Stages And Challenges

A child undergoes several developmental stages in which he/she evolves from being dependent to independent. Different steps that involve can be;

  1. Intellectual – this stage consists of development of the ability to learn, understand, and also solve the necessary tasks and problems related to it.
  2. Social – in this stage, the child learns to interact with society and surroundings. Moreover, the exhibit of emotional feelings plays a crucial role and speaks a lot about the state of development of the child.
  3. Language and interaction – understanding words, and also interacting with others lie in this stage. The ability of reading, speaking, and communicating are important in this stage.
  4. Physical – in this stage, two types of development are ther-the fine motor, which involves activities that practices the use of fingers. Also, gross motor skills are the activities to develop the whole body. This is a critical stage in the growth and development process.
  5. Sensory awareness – this stage of development records the alertness of the senses during activities.

Problems Arising In Child Development

Child Development Stages And Challenges
Child Development Stages And Challenges

Although the process of development is a regular and continuous one, the course of each child may differ. Sometimes there are delays in exhibiting healthy signs of growth. These delays can be because of genetic factors, prenatal conditions, diagnosis of medical ailment, or lack of exposure. However, these delays or abnormal growth conditions is diagnosed and treated by specific professionals like pediatrician, speech therapists, and physiotherapists at the right time.


In order to make sure that the child meets the progress milestones with estimated time and accuracy, it is essential to keep in check a child’s record. There are various milestone checklists and also charts that maintain such records. It states a ‘normal’ level of overall growth for an average child to attain. The history shows various stages of growth and advancement and the level of its completion. Experts expect children in achieving that very goal of ‘normal growth’ in the chart, as designed, but the rate and state of growth still vary from child to child. 


Child development from infancy to adulthood includes numerous stages and hold their importance. Moreover, a child must show healthy signs of advancement as it ensures that the child will be able to give potential results in the future. Also, healthy development will secure the child’s future needs of being medically sound, socially active, intellectually brilliant, and emotionally strong.

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