The Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers


Like every new thing, breastfeeding also takes some time to master. But that is normal. Usually, a new mother worries a lot about the feed that’s going on in the body of the child. And these typically consist of doubts regarding the position, time, and needs of the baby. However, some general breastfeeding tips can make the whole journey a smooth one. But it is advisable to take these breastfeeding tips from some lactation experts.

Important Breastfeeding Tips

The Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers
The Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers
  • Understand Baby’s Needs: It is not necessary to wait for the baby to cry to know its hungry. Look for signs or hints to know that the baby needs milk. The babies will move their head, start sucking on things, stick the tongue out, and open their mouth in regular intervals.
  • Allow the Baby to Decide the Duration and Frequency of Feeding: As a new mother, it is difficult to determine the time and duration of feeding. So, let the baby decide. The young ones know better about their needs, whether they signal for feed-in 3 hours or even every single hour.
  • Just be Relaxed: It is essential to be relaxed while feeding the baby because the duration of feed can be from 15 minutes to around an hour. And doing that uncomfortably will result in back and neck pain for the mother.
  • Find the Right Position for the Baby: Just like the duration of feeding, babies know the position that’s best for them. Since every child is different, never force a certain position. Just keep in mind that the baby’s head is tilted back a little and there is enough space for breathing.

Some Additional Breastfeeding Tips

  • Leakage is Normal: Leaking is generally observed when the baby starts crying or by hearing some other babies cry. However, it is reasonable to experience leakage in the initial days of breastfeeding. Therefore, to avoid embarrassment, use a nursing pad.
  • Engorgement is Natural: When the milk production is more than the consumption, the breasts are likely to swell and harden. To relieve the uneasiness, try feeding the baby as often as possible or even taking a hot shower helps. However, if the problem persists, use a feeding pump to get the excess milk out.
  • Drink lots of Water and Take Good Care of the Skin: Just like in pregnancy, the mother’s body needs extra food and water during breastfeeding also. Therefore, it is better to drink enough water for two. Furthermore, with continued milk production and feeding, the skin of the breast stretches a lot. It needs extra care in the form of serums, creams, and massages. Never forget to pat dry the areola after every feed. And try to cleanse the breast as often as possible.

Signs Of Healthy Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers
The Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers
  • Good health and development of the baby indicate that he/she is getting enough feed.
  • The babies tend to suck and swallow the milk together. And the swallowing slows down only when the baby falls asleep, or the stomach is full.
  • After a session of feeding, the skin of the baby looks healthy and pink by the rush of blood. Moreover, the baby releases the nipple and looks sleepy.
  • A healthy, breastfed baby gains weight usually. Once in a week weighing is fine to determine the weight gain.


Being overwhelmed by this whole new experience is normal for a young mother. However, using these tips can result in an effective feeding session for the baby. Because it is well known that initially all of the nutrients and some antibodies are given to the child through breastfeeding. So, instead of freaking out, relax and utilize the feeding time to form that intimate bond with the new-born.