Breastfeeding Diet: What To Eat


Getting pregnant and giving birth to a new life is both emotionally and physically overwhelming. And numerous changes occur in the lifestyle as well as eating habits of the new mother. Just like in the gestation period, the mother needs a special breastfeeding diet also. Moreover, the nutrients that a mother take also goes into the body of the child through the milk. The breastfeeding diet should contain all the essential micronutrients in the required amount. Therefore, this will keep both the mother and the baby healthy and disease-free.

Here are some helpful tips on what to eat while breastfeeding.
Benefits Of Breastfeeding Are Long Term

Tips For A Basic Breastfeeding Diet

Have as many fruits and vegetables as possible: Almost every fruit contains the essential vitamins like B1, B2, B6, C and minerals required for milk production. The fruits rich in fiber also eases the digestion in mother as well as the baby. Apart from that, the vegetables have vitamin A and folate, which makes the cells to function well. Moreover, these fulfill the energy required for the tasks of a new mother.

Have around eight glasses of water: Having enough water makes the body energetic and hydrated. However, not being properly hydrated has numerous ill-effects. In the scarcity of water, the body starts to extract water from muscles and joints. And ultimately, it also affects milk production.

Breastfeeding Diet Should Be Nutritious

Have a calcium-rich diet: Taking calcium either in the form of dairy foods or by nutrient supplements is essential. Because calcium is the major constituent of bones and teeth, and it also plays a major role in other physiological functions. Moreover, the milk takes most of the calcium from the mother’s body. Therefore, to refill the calcium reservoirs of the body, a calcium-rich diet is essential.

Always carry healthy snacks: It is handy to keep a prepared snack like boiled eggs, energy bars, or lactation cookies. Just like the child, there are chances of the mother being hungry very frequently are also high. So, it is better to keep a healthy snack than to panic about cooking something at that moment.

Some Additional Tips

A Single Mother- A Courageous Parent
A Single Mother- A Courageous Parent
  • Have a limited amount of alcohol and caffeine: Unlike pregnancy, a breastfeeding mother can have little amounts of caffeine and alcohol. However, it is advisable to consume these beverages right after feeding the young one. As it will give the body enough time to digest it before the next feeding session. Furthermore, try to take as little amount as possible because larger intake might make the kid sleepless and irritable.
  • Have healthy fats and lean proteins: During breastfeeding, the mother needs about 500 extra calories. Therefore, adding healthy fats and lean proteins like fish, chicken, milk, and yogurt is essential. However, don’t go overboard with the quantities because the excess will turn into fat.
  • Put in whole grain in every possible meal: Whole grains are known to fulfill the body requirements just like fruits and vegetables. But a much smaller portion of whole-grain can give equal benefits. Apart from that, adding whole grains like rice, oats in regular meals is very easy.


Whatever food a mother takes is also consumed by the infant. Therefore, the kind of diet affects the baby also. This makes it essential to avoid the food items that might make the baby fussy or are hard to digest. However, the mother should not shy away from having a filling and healthy breastfeeding diet for the betterment of both her and the child.