Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother


Breastfeeding is the natural way to provide milk to the infant. Initially, it can be tough for new mother and child, but gradually they get adopted by the process. Pregnancy changes many daily habits, which include diet charts also. Breastfeeding diet is not very exclusive. It just new mother has to keep a check on a few things. Breast milk gives nutrition to the newborn in the initial months of life. It satisfies the infant’s hunger. Also, it protects both child-mother from diseases. It contains antibodies which protect the child from getting ill in the early days of his birth. During breastfeeding, the diet should be very nutritious and must include all the required proteins and vitamins.

Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother
Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother

Some Of The Items Which Can Be Included In Diet

  • Eat a right amount of fruits and vegetables- It naturally gives vitamins and minerals. It helps to be healthy and increase the production of milk. Also, it contains antioxidants which help cells form not getting damage. It also has fiber amount, which enhances the digestion process. They give potassium, calcium, etc.
  • Can go for protein supplements also- Extra protein will help to maintain bone strength and give energy all day. It provides an extra amount of calories, which is required during the breastfeeding process.
  • Include grain in every meal- They provide a good amount of carbohydrate and calories. With fruits, you can get vitamins and minerals, but carbs are also essentials to be a whole energetic day.
  • Stay hydrated- Breastfeeding leads to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to many problems like urinary tract infection. The new mother requires to have proper intake of water. The 7-8 glass will be sufficient.

Healthy Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother

  • Take sufficient amount of calcium and iron- Breastfeeding takes calcium in the form of milk from the mother’s body. The mother must take supplements with a natural source of calcium. Calcium is essential for bone and muscle strength. Iron gets diluted when you are pregnant. Iron in the blood is necessary for the mother to remain healthy. So, Iron supplements can be included in the diet of the mother.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol- during pregnancy and breastfeeding, one should avoid such items as it can affect the quality of milk produced. It can lead to less production of milk also.
  • Keep a check on your and child’s body- just the way you notice which food reacts your body, you should also eliminate the food item which reacts the child body. If a child is getting fussy, irritated, or changed in stool period, you must avoid the food you ate before breastfeeding your child.
Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother
Breastfeeding Diet For A Healthy Mother


Breastfeeding is the natural way of nurturing your baby. It helps to provide nutrients to the baby which help them to grow healthy and happy. Breast milk has antibodies which fight against bacteria and viruses. It reduces the chances of acute and chronic diseases in a child. Breast milk contains vitamins, proteins, fats, and nutrients which is necessary for the overall development of the child. It increases the physical contact between mother and child, which increase the bond between them.