Baby Development Stages And Factors Affecting It


 Baby development means the process in which baby changes with time. Baby development incorporates physical growth as well as intellectual and social development. First, two years of baby’s life can be confusing for parents; that’s why a lot of baby development phase passes by quickly. Most children have the same development pattern. Understanding how the pattern can confirm that the child is developing healthily is an important task.

The Baby Development Stages And Factors Affecting It
The Baby Development Stages And Factors Affecting It

Stages Of Baby Development

  •  0 to 6 months- During 2-3 months, baby start to respond to interaction, differentiating voice tones, and face expression. Track how they respond to voices and noises, as this stage is essential in catching any hearing impairments.
  • 6-12 months- at this stage, babies are quick. If a baby doesn’t respond, don’t get stressed, be watchful. Start playing peek-a-boo. It is fun playing at this age. It is an excellent way to check development at nine months of real growth and development.
  • 12-18 months- Around 14-15 months, baby start speaking essential words. If a child doesn’t speak, check whether he can communicate non verbally for, e.g., does he nod, does he points or uses any gesture. If a child doesn’t communicate, this could be the early sign of autism and its good to consult a doctor.

Another Stage For Baby Development

  • Eighteen months + -Babies start talking at this age. At two years of age, children usually speak a small sentence or two words. At the age of 3, their vocabulary expands, and they start talking in long sentences. Delay in speech results in learning disabilities. By two and a half years, kids start playing with other kids and understand skills like learning and negotiation. At three years of age, kids start learning about the outer world in preschool. At this age, kids start playing creative imitations of life like recreating house, school, or doctor scenario depending on what they observe. From this point, an early check-up with a child specialist is the most essential way to know a child’s growth and development.

Risk Factors For Delayed Baby Development

Discomfort and non-participation is a common attitude to delay baby development. But it is essential to keep in mind that early findings or diagnosis helps overcome disabilities. Biological and environment factor can delay child development. The following children should be observed strictly during the initial years of life

  • Premature babies
  • Low weight during birth
  • Babies born with excessive jaundice
The Baby Development Stages And Factors Affecting It
The Baby Development Stages And Factors Affecting It

Factors That Can Affect Development Negatively

  • Poor nutrition
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental health issues history for mother and father.

Diet To Promote Baby Brain Development During Pregnancy

The baby grows and changes daily during pregnancy. Brain development is essential when baby grows. A balanced and nutritious diet is vital for developing the baby brain.

  • Fatty Fish – It is an excellent source of DHA, our body does not produce DHA generally, so it is advisable to eat food that is an excellent source of DHA. It is required for the proper development of brain cells and tissues.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables- Most essential nutrient needed before beginning or during pregnancy is folic acid. It is necessary during the first few weeks of pregnancy when the baby’s nerves and brain are starting to form and develop.
  • Milk- iodine is essential for baby development as it leads to healthy brain and mental growth. Including milk during pregnancy helps in developing baby bones, and it also leads to health and formation of the brain.


Infancy is a time for healthy development. Babies start with few instinctual reflexes and inborn ability to learn. Over two years, they grow to the point where they have a familiar personality and are able to move from one location to another point and control things. As some children’s are born with a specific illness, proper nurture, and care help them in developing correctly.