Attachment Parenting Stages And Philosophy


Attachment parenting is a philosophy that emphasizes on the attachment of a parent with their child. It is a bond between the parent and the child, which is built with closeness and through touch. Attachment parenting comes naturally to a parent. People can also call it natural parenting. It isn`t about being a mom enough, but it is about being flexible about the relationship with the child and parenting your children. Warm, sensitive parenting is essential for a child to grow beautifully. Attachment parenting is the right choice for Childs growth, both mentally and physically.

Principles Of Attachment Parenting

  1. One should be prepared to give birth emotionally and physically. Be positive through the whole time of pregnancy
  2. Breastfeeding is like a gift to mothers. Feed the child with love this helps to connect with the child emotionally as well as physically. The child feels safe and secure with the mother.
Attachment Parenting Stages And Philosophy
Attachment Parenting Stages And Philosophy

Attachment Parenting With A Child In The First 6 Years

  • In the first year, the child gets attached to the parent through touch and smell of the parent.
  • In the second year, the child adapts new ways to get attached to the parent through language, and also the way they talk to the child. The child starts understanding necessary actions and movements of the parent.
  • In the third year, the child gets occupied with the language of love, care, belongingness, and also loyalty.
  • By the fourth year, the child gets attached to those who he thinks are dear to him.
  • In the fifth year, the child gives himself to whom so ever he is dearly attached to. The child is deeply emotionally attached to the parent or someone whom he loves in the family.
  • In the last stage, when the child finds himself deeply attached to someone in the family, then he tries to share his heart out. A six-year tells everything to someone whom he finds easy to be with-someone who can understand him well and is worthy to hear his secrets.

Tips To Build Attachment

One cannot parent a child whose heart we have not won. The child should find himself attached to the parent so that he gets proper parenting and care.

  • Use a parenting touch with the child. In the first year, especially the infant understands the touch of the parent and connects with the parent through skin touch like breastfeeding.
  • Try and sleep with the child in the night, especially. Also, try and relax in the same bed with the child to make the child feel secure with the loved one.
Attachment Parenting Stages And Philosophy
Attachment Parenting Stages And Philosophy


Attachment parenting is an ideology to build a strong bond with the child. Moreover, parents need to provide the child with the necessary parenting techniques so that the child grows beautifully. A really strong emotional bond right from birth until the child turns into a grown-up. It is important to keep the child close to you in the early stages of life. Specifically, till the child can move on its own, he should feel safe and connected with the parent.