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A Perfect Destination For A Healthy And Culture Based Growth

montessori education in india

The various strands of information and methodologies brought from the classical learning of Europe to the education of the people of India under the tutelage of Dr. Maria Montessori are truly valuable. She has been described as the true romantic of the Renaissance.

The main characteristic of Montessori education is its concern for the development of the personality of the child at the early age of his/her formative years. Montessori educational programs are especially designed keeping in view the psychological, social and economic conditions of the country. She instilled the belief in the fundamental rights of the child as well as his/her rights to learn and grow at their own pace. For this, she makes use of various texts, philosophies, music, dance and arts which will develop the cognitive as well as the creative abilities of the child.

The Traditional Schools

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The traditional schools of the country have disappeared; the people prefer to attend the Montessori online program because of its facilitation of education. Unlike the traditional schools, there are no fixed times, days or hours for classes. As a matter of fact, anyone who can access the internet and can operate a computer can participate in the online Montessori education.

There are many online Montessori centers that offer the inr program. In this type of program there is no specialization in any subject. The teachers and trainers are there to help the students with any kind of problem, whether it is related to the language, culture, customs, ethics or technology. There are also many students who are having mixed age groups in the programs.

Online Program

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The Montessori online program enables the students to interact with each other regardless of the geographical boundaries. The teacher training for this type of program is facilitated by various experts. There are teachers and counselors as well as some educational psychologists and occupational therapists who are involved in the training. All of these professionals are well equipped with the knowledge and skills in teaching the students. Some of the famous personalities who are using the Montessori teacher training methods include Maria Montessori, Hortense Smet and Dr. Jose P. Estrella.

To bring about an improved lifestyle for the students and to develop an environment that will be conducive for learning, the teachers of this type of learning can use the templates, lesson plans and lesson manuals. Montessori teacher training also uses the power of technology. In this method there is no separate computer or laptop for this purpose. Instead you will get a ‘virtual’ classroom in which all the students will participate. This means that all the students in the classroom will be able to view the same information, PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan etc.

Various Advantages

The online Montessori education in India offers various advantages. Firstly the students from all around the world can access the resources and the lessons easily without any difficulty. Another important advantage of this method is that the students can take regular breaks during the course of the study session.

Finally, in this type of teaching the students are encouraged to become active participants of the learning process. There are many renowned institutions and universities that offer a complete course in Montessori education in India.

Final Words

It is important for the students to select a renowned institution for learning in the Montessori education in India. Before selecting any particular school it is advisable to visit the website of the institution and collect basic information about the curriculum, teaching methods, student teacher ratio, faculty strength, facilities offered, financial aid facility and other relevant information. Once this is done you can contact the admission panel of the school and can select the courses according to the aptitude and the desired course of studies. For more information and details on these schools please visit website dedicated to the Montessori movement in India.

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