5 Maternity Break Quotes To Feel Motivated

Maternity Break Quotes

One of the things that most new mums find difficult is to go back to work after maternity leave. You might be going through a lot of emotional changes and it can be difficult to process all of them.

There are some feelings of leaving your kids behind whereas some resistance and anxiety of joining your work. Life can change a lot in a few days and when you are on maternity leave it can be a bit different.

Some Maternity Break Quotes can help working moms to get some inspiration. It will help you to feel motivated to go back to work. Your life will never be the same, but everyone has to make changes.


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After sixteen weeks of bed rest, my career, the very thing that had defined me, simply wasn’t what defined me anymore. Yes, I had skills and abilities I wanted to put to good use in the world, but right here, right now, this new baby, her older brother, and my husband mattered more than my job” – Listen Somberg

It’s important to understand everything about maternity leave. You have to plan everything to ensure that you can prepare yourself. You need to understand that you will never be the same person which you were when you left the office for maternity. You have to embrace the change in yourself and ensure that you learn your priorities.



“Remind yourself that you are setting a great example as a working mum, so be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey! You will be great!” – Hassia Hamidou, A Proud Working Mom

One thing that everyone should understand from the Maternity Break Quotes is that you should also think about yourself. Most of your time will be spent taking care of your child. It can ensure that you can provide them with the best care. You mustn’t forget about yourself and focus on your care.


“Welcome to the working moms club. And tears are perfectly OK.” – Isabelle Roughol, A Mom & Journalist

The transition for a new mom can be difficult. The Maternity Break Quotes says that there will be some ups and downs, but you have to think of the family. You can depend upon your partner to take care of the baby so that you can get some time off from work and life. You can go and grab lunch with your friends.


“Be gentle with yourself, moms! It will all work out, whether you stew or ruminate about any of it.” – Author Lori Mihalich-Levin

The thing that most humans have to understand is that the time you spend with your kid should be quality time and it should not be a quantity. It can be difficult as leaving a child behind for work might be challenging for most people. Whether you are taking a bath or eating dinner, you should ensure that you spend quality time with your kids.


“You can have it all, you just can’t do it all.’ Delegate, de-prioritize, think about putting yourself at the forefront.” – Author Sue Unerman

You can ensure that you get some support when it comes to taking care of a baby and office work. Your colleagues will help you during this process. You should never hesitate to take their help. You can look for some flexibility in work and ensure that you can focus on all the things. It will help you to transition between work and personal life.


These are some of the Maternity Break Quotes that can prove useful for everyone. You need to understand that everyone knows that it can be difficult for you to adjust to the new life. You must give yourself a proper chance to ensure that you can cope up with all the things in your life. Your friends and family will be there to support you in all this, to ensure that you can get back.

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