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12 Wonderful Messages Wishes And Quotes About Maternity Leave

Quotes About Maternity Leave

What is the most beautiful moment of a woman’s life? Undoubtedly giving birth to new life. But the journey of this beautiful moment is full of new challenges and negativities where she needs some care, love, and to hear some mesmerizing words from her loved ones. If pregnant women are working at your workplace as an employee,

team leader, or a colleague, it’s your responsibility to treat them well. So, be happy and show your affection and concern when she is on her maternity leave. But have no idea how can you do this? Fret not as here we’ve come up with lovable quotes about maternity leave to appreciate moms-to-be.

Lovable Messages For Maternity Leave


Nothing can be joyful than waiting for a new life. Have a nice and pleasant baby break.

Congo! You are one step near to joy and happiness. Celebrate every moment of this amazing journey.

We will miss you when you are not there, but we are so happy you get to spend some personal time with your baby. Congratulations!

You aren’t only a good employee but are also a good person. It’s our pleasure to give you maternity leave. Our warm wishes and big congratulations for the beautiful moment.

Till then, fill your leaves with happiness and positivity.

Warm And Happy Wishes For Maternity Leave


Now, the time has arrived to take care of the new life you are raising in your tummy. Celebrate every moment of your maternity leave and take care of yourself and your baby as well.

There’s nothing that can be satisfying and more enjoyable than being a mother. Give proper care to yourself and the life you have in your womb. Stay healthy, happy, and safe!

Amazing Quotes About Maternity Leave

Introducing a new life to the world should be your pleasant moment, not your fearful moment.

Life is not always a poor and slow time when you are looking for something great to happen.

Maternity is a gift of God, and paternity is a gift of a baby.

Pregnancy is just the starting of life’s most beautiful and memorable moments.

Feeling fatty may down your confidence, but a glowing face always keeps you up.

A mom-to-be always needs some love and care as she faces lots of bad things while carrying a baby in her tummy. So, it’s your job to support and appreciate her on this great journey. Write some quotes on cards and give to her or say some amazing maternity leave messages to her and see how she feels happy and confident. Be part of her beautiful moments by showing her how good you feel for her.

Concluding Thoughts

These messages and quotes about maternity leave are a great way to wish a colleague who is on her maternity leave. Show some love and wish her with these fantastic messages, wishes, and quotes. This will make her happy and confident, as well.

Have a nice maternity leave!

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